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Recording BTS

Have you guys ever had to cut or start over an episode while recording because it just wasn't vibing? Wondering about the behind the scenes! How far in advance of recording do you pick your story?

How come y’all bleep expletives?

I’ve been a long time listener and consumer of both of your content! I was just curious why cuss words get bleeped out. Is this more for brands or for personal reasons?

Favorite Concert?

What is the best concert you've ever been to?


Do you guys have any tattoos? If so, what are they??

Favorite murder? 🧐

Helloo ladies!! My name is Grecia (greh-see-ah) first i wanted to stay i have been a fan of both of you since the beginning, since before Ashley started her channel and since Taryne started showing up on vlogs! I just had never listened to your guy’s podcast until late October 2023, (yeah i know shame on me) I started from the very first episode and about a month ago I finally caught up to now! And let me just say, it was absolutely amazing not having to wait months for OCTOBER SERIES, i had so many to get caught up on! And now im so sad cause i actually have to wait for months!! Anyways, time for my question! I have heard you guys like to listen to true crime podcasts here and there and I wanna know, is there a case that broke you? or a case that you had to stop everything and do a little research? Is there an unsolved case that you think you KNOW who did it? Id love to hear you guys talk about it! ive been listening to My favorite murder podcast since i caught up with yours so im trying to blend my two worlds together a bit haha Love you guys!