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Quick suggestion

Would you ever consider starting a discord for the supercast community? I’d love to chat with everyone!

hesitant to send story

Hey, this might be weird question but i’m gonna go for it. I have a girlfriend (I am also a girl) and have been hesitant to send stories about my relationship because I don’t think you guys have done an episode on a same sex couple before. If it’s your preference not to or you don’t want to offend any listeners I totally understand, just wanted to askㅤ:))

Parallel Apparel?

Question for Ashley ! - I know you and Alisha have touched on it a little bit before but can you go into more detail about why you guys chose to close down Parallel Apparel for the foreseeable future? Do you regret starting the company? What would you do differently? P.S I loved the brand bought multiple things from it, was sad to see it go :(

How to cope with being single?

PLEASE KEEP ME ANONYMOUS 😭🙏🏼 Question for Taryne - How do you cope with being single? I am 21 years old and have had nothing but situationships that last years at a time but never an actual relationship which is something that I am insecure about and feel constant pressure about as I feel like I am "running out of time" to reach the next stage in life in regards to being in a relationship, having a family one day, etc. Do you ever feel the pressure to be in a relationship when others in your life are in one? How do you deal with this pressure? Do you ever feel like your "running out of time" to progress to the next stage in life of marriage, children, etc

Live Podcast?

Will you guys ever do another live podcast event like you did about a year ago in Irvine ? I went and I would love to go to another one !!!