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Church Hurt

Can you talk about reentering into a church after you've been hurt by people in it?

How to manage feeling completely solo?

Hi Ladies! I am in my late 30's and a single mom and I feel completely alone. Both my parents passed away, and besides my son, I only have my sister, which she's married and has her life. My son is a teenager now and I feel so alone sometimes. I have no friends either because of the fact that I've dedicated my time caring for my son and taking care of my mom before she passed. Now that I have "no one" to take care of, I am noticing how really alone I am. I know I should go out and meet new people, but I am so terrified of going out alone and also super shy. Also, have been single for sooooo long. Any advice? Thank you!

Scary Moments

Have you ever had a time where you thought something terrible was going to happen but turns out everything was fine?! Please tell!

What do I do?

So I already wrote in about a recounter with my first ever crush and how the emotions came back after seeing him after a long long long time hi my name is Jackie and ima freshman in college you can say my name . Let me give you a little back round. My friends like to call me phsychic. The reason is because when my cousin was pregnant and was about to receive the news of the gender I had said I dreamt a girl. she went in they said it was a boy but the next time she went they said they had gotten it wrong and it was a girl. Then I dreamt my other cousin was pregnant and the next day they announced it. Needless to say I dream about what is going to happen, who's pregnant and sometimes talk with my dead relatives in dreams? its actually a small gift because my dads side of the family can see the dead like my dads sisters, he can see them and feel them scary! I'll do some scary stories here dont worry. Well I have an update I had a dream that he was kissing this girl and I knew from then he had a gf from that dream. I decided to not approach him cuz duh he has a gf respect. Well, he texted me saying he needed help with the hmwk. And at the time I thought god heard my prayer because I needed help too and if he didn't help I probably would have pulled an all nighter. The teacher said we could work with it with partners that's why he texted. Well this is where things get rough.... we start doing the homework in google docs but I hear my phone notifications again and again. we start having conversations about the hmwk but then he progresses to say he was in ucla but transferred to this school because he still doesn't want to know what to do. I respond because I don't want to be rude. But then he talks and talks about his future and stuff.... I feel in my head uncomfortable because again he has a gf. Well we finish homework at 2am and something that caught me off guard was him saying and I quote "K thx goodnight".ummmmm.... I don't respond to that because that's weird for me get it if he texted that to his gf but me im just a stranger.midn you ive only known him from 3-4 grade A good thanks would have been enough because we both worked on it but goodnight seems a little idk too intimate. Next day this is where I think I messed up. so we needed a blue book for the test. I grab 2 because the teacher said we would need 2 for the semester. but then I text him saying if he wanted one.. I know I know but I just wanted to say like thanks because he lives a bit far from the school so picking up a blue book he might be late. So I did and he said yes pls. He comes to class me listening to music don't notice him until he is standing in front of my desk and says hi, I give him the book and I just plug my earbuds in not acknowledging him because I dont want to create this awkward moment. I thought that it was over after that. wellll..... let's just say I was walking home when I get a text and he says "good thing we studied late it's easier to remember" I dont know if I am overthinking but why is he texting me so much. I responded and he left it on seen but. I just wanted to get the hmwk done not intervene with his life or gf I am not that type of person. But I can see where I may have messed it up. Again I never text him only did probably 2 times for homework but that's it, never about "how have you been" because boundaries. oh and the reason I knew he had a gf is because he has a highlight of her on his insta. but what I am asking is what do I do if it happens again where he tries to text more than is respectable. Ive never had a bf but I feel like if I did him texting me the way he did if I was the gf I would have been very mad and betrayed. I feel sorry for the gf because who is is he texting that she doesn't know about. or am I being paranoid? Again I love your podcast!! Im writing this at 4am because I cant stop thinking about the situation.

How come y’all bleep expletives?

I’ve been a long time listener and consumer of both of your content! I was just curious why cuss words get bleeped out. Is this more for brands or for personal reasons?