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Ad in the middle of an episode

Hey lively ladies! I was listening to the pod on the unlocked Spotify. I’m 15minutes in and there was a single random ad! Not sure if anyone else had this issue

Ashley did you ever dislike your name?

I want to start by saying I love the names Ashley and Alisha but since I started following you guys about 7 years ago I have ALWAYS wondered if you guys ever disliked having similar names? Again both beautiful simply curious!

October series!

Would you guys ever be open to posting October series content year round? Like one October series episode a month or every other month. You could do it only for the VIPs so your main content isn’t disrupted. My other idea was maybe doing the October series for September and October for the VIPS and just October for the main.

Harry potter question

If you could be best friends with any harry potter character who would it be. And which harry potter character do you think matches each-other the best! Love yall so much and love sharing the harry potter obsession with yall!

Let’s talk about Jesus!

Hey ladies! I know you’ve both mentioned that you are Christian, and I’d love to hear more about your stories with that. What are your testimonies? What have you been learning about God lately? I can’t wait to hear from you both!!❤️