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October Series

When is the first October series episode going live?!

new supercast girlyyy!! AMA question

hi my favorite big sisters ever :,) i've been a listener from the start and a fan of you both since before the pod - not to sound cliche, but you raised me. notice how i did not mention your names because i didn't want to choose one to go first hehehe STOP BEING SO COMPETITIVE TAR OKAY YOU'RE BOTH THE BEST lol. * keep my name anon pls hehe * anyway!! My name is Ava, I'm 22, from right outside NYC, and I'm a personal trainer :) I also do a lot of social media influencing in the fitness space - and graduated with a bachelors in marketing! So my question. I know this is a bit self focused, but I've been dying to figure this out and trust you guys more than anyone. It has always been my dream to be an assistant to someone like either of you, more broadly speaking, someone in the social media space that I admire. I know that sounds maybe a bit surface level, because as anyone's fan, you'd probably want that, but lemme elaborate!! Being that I've been an influencer myself successfully in the space for almost three years and I have the marketing degree, I have the skills in that area and experience. I'd honestly rather just be hyping up someone ELSE and be on the back end of things now, rather than have myself be the "focus" or star of the content. Really what I'm getting at is - the LA scene, the "youtuber" space, all of what you do, can seem like a huge bubble at times to someone like myself who feels as if they're on the outside looking in, and would love to be apart, but doesn't know where to start in terms of finding that needle in the haystack? I'm just so curious!!! Haha okay I love you guys so much thank you for truly having such an enormous positive impact on my life 🫶🏼 My socials are @cycylifts btw for you two if you wanna see who I am 🥰

I Have Everything I’ve Always Wanted: Why am I still struggling?

Hi! I’m such a massive fan of both of you and have been a listener from the very start! I have a question but I figured I would give some context. I’m 23 years old and I’ve always struggled with my weight. About 3 years ago, I lost around 60 pounds but mainly because my motivation was to get a boyfriend because I never had one and that is what I’ve always wanted (type 2 ennegram as well). I never met anyone. However, when I graduated college and became a teacher, I gained back all of the weight plus more due to stress and overeating, which was hard for me to process. However, last November, despite the weight gain, I met my boyfriend and we’ve been happily together ever since and he loves me and my body no matter what. However, I’m still not happy with myself physically and I still struggle mentally. I have everything I’ve always wanted: a boyfriend, I’m a teacher, and I have supportive family and friends. Why do you think I’m still struggling and what is your advice? Thank you both so much and even if you don’t answer this, thank you for giving me the opportunity to write. Love you both❤️

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Will you please do another update episode?

I have so many stories that I'm dying for an update on, so I'd love it if you could do another update episode! You could do it sometime after the October series, so it would give you plenty of time to talk about it and ask people to send updates. It could be a great end of year episode! It would also be great if you did it more often, like a couple of times a year? There's only been 1 update episode in 4 years, so we definitely need another! Love you both, and love this new subscriber option!