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Harry potter question

If you could be best friends with any harry potter character who would it be. And which harry potter character do you think matches each-other the best! Love yall so much and love sharing the harry potter obsession with yall!

Let’s talk about Jesus!

Hey ladies! I know you’ve both mentioned that you are Christian, and I’d love to hear more about your stories with that. What are your testimonies? What have you been learning about God lately? I can’t wait to hear from you both!!❤️

Merch store

🙈 Not me refreshing the UA merch store everyday to see the next drop! Ladies please give us a hint as to when we can expect to get in on new merch!

Take The Show On The Road

Hello Beautiful Ladies! Would you ever consider doing a live show on the east coast?

Recording BTS

Have you guys ever had to cut or start over an episode while recording because it just wasn't vibing? Wondering about the behind the scenes! How far in advance of recording do you pick your story?