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A Reencounter With My First Love

Hellooooo Ladies, My name Is Jackie and you can say my name. I just wanted to start off by saying I love your podcast and it was the only thing that allowed me to survive high school. Well, let go on by saying Im a freshman In college Im 20 going to be 20 years olden I'm currently in my spring term. Well as you can guess by the title I ran into my first Love well first crush and I don't know what to think. Obviously I was little when I had my first crush I was in elementary school. So when I saw him in my college class I froze. All those feelings were coming back.My heart was racing. I want to start fresh because obviously he's like a stranger now and I need to get to know him. Well I was sick my second week of school because I had the flu. So I had no way of getting out of not asking him for a favor because the teacher does not post there assignments online. I asked him and he didn't respond good for me I thought. But he did end up responding days later saying that he doesn't use that account he said he used to use it back high school as his fake ig I was embarrassed but he checked it out because he saw a notification which was odd because he said he hadn't been active on it anymore. Well he gave me his account that he does use and said if I had questions to reach him out there. My question is what do I do? I feel Like Im falling for him and I left all the old crush was I was younger because it was a crush but now that Im older I cant help but like him. What should I do? I'm the kind of girl to let the guy do the talking and see if he's really into me he should talk to me and then I will talk to him I think what also scares me is that if it does go somewhere Im afraid to be in a relationship. because I've never been In a relationship. So what do I do? I NEED HELP!!!

Ashley 💃🏼

not a question but just have to say i also have a fear of dancing (and am also a fellow 9w1). i haven’t met anyone who has that fear too so hearing you talk about it makes me feel less alone!

A real taryne it up drink

Hey ladies! I used to work at a soda shop and one of the main drinks on our menu was called a Tearin (I like Taryne) it up! The drink “recipe” was Diet Coke with raspberry syrup, vanilla syrup, and fresh lime. I was one of my favorites. I’m wondering if I should make a recipe for Ashley and what should we call the drink??

Lego question for Taryne!!

What Lego set would you suggest for someone just starting to get into Legos?? I wanna get into them I just have no idea where to start hahahah


Would you ever go on a reality tv show to find love??